Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
It's really Sad how much these craft stores Jack up the prices, of these pumpkins...
Even if you use a coupon they are Still making a killer Profit..

I would love to See the Foam pumpkins Show up in more Department type Stores...
Walmart / K-Mart / (Target - Already Does) etc......

I'll bet you would see them for $12 to $15 Bucks Sticker Price. These Stores would Mark em up as a regular mark up / Profit.
Not Jacked up, as the craft stores Do !

And I agree - I bought (1) 13" Kin at Micheals - Used a 40% Coupon and still paid 20+ bucks
Used to be 11 bucks just a few years ago.
I asked Michaels if they would do a "by the bunch" deal on them. They refused because its a seasonal item and they have projected how many they will sell. My local Target will do a bulk purchase. I know they are not funkin, (which is the Cadillac of foamies) but if I can get them for 10 bucks apiece, then I most likely will.
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By keifferone
sloaner wrote:Seeing as foam pumpkins are like $36 (plus tax) at Michaels I might have to buy some target ones this year. They are most likely cheaper.
They are all I get now. Micheal's and hobby lobby are way over priced.
Also has anyone had any luck painting the inside of one????? It doesn't stick.