Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
St0ney wrote:
BigScience wrote:Stoney, how do you get such consistent color in your shading? That is incredible...

Doh Gets FULL credit for the nice even Glow.

I sent the carve to him to tweak the shading and to photograph it. didn't take much "tweaking". A lot of the look is achieved through lighting.

I do use small dremel stones that I got in a cheap set from Harbor freight.

They are small, pink, and have a very fine grit.
Well, I went to Michaels this weekend and picked up 4 of the Funkin pumpkins. They were completely out of the 13 inch Gemmys. All the store examples were carved with the Gemmys, not a single one in the Funkin style. I wonder if that was deliberate? I have one with me at work today to carve (hahaha). I have the exacto knife, not the hot knife. So we shall see. :|
It's done. I carved with an exacto knife. Not as clean a carve as a gemmy with a hot knife, but not terrible. Nice orange color inside, and no ribs, which I love.
There's already a separate topic thread about these ones but thought I'd just add to this one with some nice pics I took of the 12" Gemmy HOME DEPOT brand...


Image Image

Also at TARGET I picked up one up that's a small, squat-y kinda square-shaped about 8" tall. Has a yellow-ish tan colored stem, I think it's a Gemmy brand 'kin. I see that one of my local WALMART stores is selling these same ones right now too for $7 bucks.

I was pretty peeved to find my Michael's stores ONLY selling those newer type for their 13" size craft pumpkins, had bad experiences with those experimenting with them last year. Oddly enough, for the most for their smaller round 9" 'kins they were all the good older kind, with the holographic sticker and serial on the bottom. But despite being the same mold and identical in look, those 13-inchers are actually TWO different brands!?!

The new type being a Fun-kin one at that?

Huh, that is odd. least it's good to know that these newer ones unlike last year don't have that light-blocking rubbish and will indeed work for shaded carves.