Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
Alright, so pardon me for living under a rock for the past ever, but I have been using a Dremel 7.2 volt model 770 tool ever since I started carving foamies... The last carve I did for my cousin, I kept losing connectivity with the batteries depending on the angle I was holding the tool, and it would stop in the middle of a pass with a bit stuck in the pumpkin. Realizing that age had probably finally got the best of my "little Dremel that could", I decided to replace, and upgrade... I bought a Dremel 3000, and the next day I ordered the workstation #220, and also the flex-shaft #225... I gotta say after having it all show up, and finally getting it assembled, it looks pretty professional, and I'm pleased with the possibilities I have not only with pumpkin carving, but other projects as well. The Flex-Shaft feels a lot better in my hand than the old Dremel, and definitely feels better than the big bulky 3000 model, so that is a huge plus.

I was looking at the Dremel site, though, and happened to check out the model 9100 Fortiflex... Does anyone use this particular model instead of the flex-shaft attachment for the rotary tools, and if so, how does it compare, if you have experience with both? Can you list any pros and cons? The biggest difference I can see is the RPM's. My 3000 can turn 32k while the Fortiflex only goes up to 23k with foot operated control. I feel like I'm just being way to analytic about the subject, but was curious if one tool is better suited for pumpkin carving in particular.
I see no reason at all for the average hobbyist to purchase the 9100. The 3000 setup that you have is perfect and with a little maintenance will last forever.

If you like the idea of a foot pedal there are many out there. I recommend a variable speed pedal. Fast or slow with the press of a foot. Some just like on/off...with a variable speed pedal you can just mash it all the way down for on. Best $15-$20 I ever spent. ... foot+pedal" onclick=";return false;

These are nice if you prefer the have the control on the bench next to you. ... 43060.html" onclick=";return false;