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By St0ney
Okay to stay on the Same Page - were going to talk about a few pumpkins made by Funkins.

First Doh, thanks for the post, When I carved that Classic #8 (Frankenstein) there was NO issue with Denting etc.....
I'm trying to Get Funkins, to create the same type shell on the Micheals Kin. The Issue at this point is they are in Full Production.
So I don't think this will be Fixed for this Season.

NOW I just Scrapped the latest carve. The Carvers Choice pumpkin. - The foam was too thick, 1/2" to 5/8"s
I Called Funkins and they are going to Re-Address it, I'm Standing that the Foam needs to Be 3/8" thickness or Lower.
I told them 1/4" to 3/8"s is the Goal, anything thicker than 3/8's - is NOT going to Work !!

I then was going to carve the other side with a Saw = FAIL !
But I never got a Good carve using a Saw on a Gemmy either.

This is What I was in the Process of carving:

So instead of Trashing this Pumpkin, I ran a Few test on it, To go back to Dray's Post on tools Used.
With this Test, I was reminded why I never use Carving Saws on Foam Pumpkins. :lol:

Now Keep in mind, the thickness of the foam, is too thick. (at this point) and will be Taken Down:

Dremel = :thumbsup:
Carving Saw = :thumbsdown:
Hot Knife = :thumbsup:
X-acto = :thumbsup:

My Personal Recommendation WAS and IS using a Dremel on Foam pumpkins.


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By BigScience

#1- What dremel bits do you use for shading and for cut-outs? I use the dremel bits to clean up my cut outs, but for carving itself, it tends to pull on me. I use primarily hot-knives now, but like how clean your lines are.

#2- Any idea when then new pumpkins might be available and how we will be able to differentiate them from the old ones? I didn't mind the numbered pumpkins from this year, but the non-numbered yellow foam ones were far inferior in every sense of the word.

By MyrtleRob
Can you post a picture of that last carve not lit? Those lines look impossibly smooth. I am very interested in seeing his line work up close.

Also that new michael's pumpkin looks fantastic. If you havent said already how will we be able to distinguish the 2014 model from the old ones? No lines inside as well as actually being able to do shaded patterns on them is the best halloween news I have recieved in a long time!