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By shaft28
Hi Guys, I just moved across country and finally got to decorating up the house yesterday. Much to my dismay about half of my Funkins were damaged in the trip. Like smashed in pretty good and pieces broken.

Any tips on how to repair? Specifically what glue would work best of foam?

Was thinking fer some a toothpick inserted with glue to repair; just want to fix them right the first time. I have abut 6 to repair half with a small breakage and 3 pretty significant...(I don't think Gollum is going to make it...)

Let me know if you have ideas.
Thanks, Marc

Note not one Michael's artificial pumpkin was damaged, came through with flying colors.
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By amandap80
I have used superglue and nail glue with good results on Funkins.
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By Raven
Super glue really should work fine. I use a great glue called "Liquid Fusion" that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. It's waterproof and holds things together very well. Just make sure the glue you get is a gel and not a runny liquid as some super glue can be.
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By shaft28
The gel superglue seems to have worked fairly well. Take a bit longer to set with the foam and I helped a few spots with a trimmed nail to set it in place. On a few fragile parts (broke in 3 spots) I suspect it won't last, oh well. Gollum will just have to look like he was head butted until i carve a new one. Thanks again
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By BigScience
I use white gorilla glue and it holds stronger than the original foam. You just have to keep wiping it down as it expands for the first half hour or so