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By micheleg
Hi Folks,

I've had some great success with michaels artificial pumpkins and my versa tool (also bought there). Very intricate and precise.

HOWEVER, I can't seem to figure out how to do shading. Do I really need to buy a dremmel too for shading? I love the "cuts like butter" feel of the hot knife. Is there a good bit I should buy or another secret?


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By sloaner
Not sure you can shade with the versa tool. A dremel tool would probably work best. Not as many people shade on this forum but there are a few here that are good at it (I am not one :lol: )
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By Pargolf
For shading the fakies, Dremmel is the way to go. If ya buy the deluxe dremmel with flex tool, most likely the bits you will need will be included. Mostly ingraver tips. All dremmel tips are numbered. One you will need is # 105 there are others. If you decide to get one throw a shout out and I can help further. IE how to use dremmel brush to remove hanging paint chads etc. :thumbsup:
By MyrtleRob
I use wood chisels for shading. They have a nice edge on them so they work really well with both artificial and real pumpkins. It's of note that I have never used a dremel on pumpkins though. My thought process is shaded patterns tend to be much more detailed. Hand held "simple" tools allow for precision. There is a pic of my 2012 shaded pattern on a funkin in the photos section.