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By austinbest
Just bought a drenel 3000, going to give it a shot. Suggestions on the best bits for small precise work (links would be awesome)? Best RPM settings?
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By monstermash
Ive got a dremel myself but ive no chance of getting my hands on a foam kin to carve so I couldn't tell you the best bits to use(im assuming you'd be using it for foamies). I'm sure ive read posts on these forums about exactly what you're looking for. Maybe someone who is better with technology and can actually post links can point you in the right direction. I'd suggets looking in the foam carving section of the forum for posts about dremels.
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By chuckwagon
I totally agree with Pumpken here. He actually recommended these to me a short while back, and I went out and picked up the harbor freight bits a day or 2 later and very surprised at how well they work. The tiny bits are phenomenal for the finer details, so I'm throwing out my vote for the HF bit set that Pumpken mentioned.
By austinbest
The drill bits messed up the outside, like cutting wood from the inside out. The multi purpose bit made a smooth cut but i cant find one smaller than the 1/8th
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By chuckwagon
really? hmm, i've never had an issue with damaging the outside skin with any type of bit i used, and before i switched to the drill bits I was using tile cutting bits (roto-zip brand) and the carving bits (dremel brand). The tile bits are great, but i never could find any small enough for fine details, but I gues they don't anticipate them being used to carve foam pumpins... what RPM's are you running? I typically go about 15,000
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By Pumpken
You could be having a problem if you try cutting through all in one pass. I just make a shallow cut the first time to get through the paint, then go around again, sometimes 2 or 3 times going a little deeper each time. It takes longer, but it gives you a sharp line.
By austinbest
@chuck - I have tried it on all 4 or 5 settings (it is the dremel 3000)
@pumpken - Once it is through and you are essentially drawing the pattern its self, how would you now do it all at once?

Once the "drawing" of the line is started, is essentially when it does it. Maybe the drill bit that came with it was just a POS. I bought the 5 pack of small ones, i have to get a different collet to fit them in there, but i guess i can try those too. The multi purpose tool is awesome, but as with others to large for fine detail.
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By Pumpken
The only thing I can think of is that you have the cutting edge of the bit too deep and you are trying to cut through the paint with the shaft. So you might be trying to tear through the paint instead of cutting through it. If you have the cutting edge going through the paint, it shouldn't be peeling the paint. Sorry. Don't know what else to tell you.
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By St0ney
Ken is Absolutely Correct.

Don't give your Pumpkin The Shaft ! - LOL

The only part of the bit that cuts is the Flutes, If the bit is too deep into the pumpkin, you are tearing through the foam with the Shaft.
This is why the paint ripples up. (that's like carving a Turkey with a butter knife)


Now as far as the TWO Pass, What this really implies is to Outline the Design First ! I now use a 1/64" Drill bit for this, But a 1/32" will work just as fine.
You just want a little of the bit outside the Chuck, and go around the shapes. Just deep enough where you see some dust coming up.
With these outlines around the shapes, you are also placing a track (or Gully) around the shape, so slip offs, off the shapes don't happen as much.

Some Folks do the outlining with an X-acto knife, it will give great results, but I just don't have the time to do it that way.

On the Below Image:
The Solid Black is the Chuck/Dremil - Just have enough of the bit out to go into the foam about 1/16" of an inch. With a little Bit Left over for space between the pumpkin and the dremel chuck.

The Outlline BOX = the amount of bit that goes in the pumpkin.


if you haven't already - take a look at my tutorial - I not only show the process in step by Step with photo's,
But I also list all the bits I use. for each Step of the carving process. ... f=9&t=2308
Hey folks. I'm new here.

I use my dremel for most of my pumpkin carving. The best bits I've found are the carbide cutters, especially #9903. It's got a rounded tip so you can plunge the bit right into your work and get cutting. I used this bit to do a haunted manor pattern on a large craft pumpkin. It's not the best for tiny detailed work (I use a pumpkin saw for that) but for cutting large areas, it does the trick.

I also use different size engraving cutters (the ones with a rounded ball on the end) for surface carving on pumpkins.