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By St0ney
Figure I share this here also.

For those that want to try their hand at carving a foam pumpkin with a dremel, but don't want to put out the amount of money Dremels cost.

Harbor Freight just started selling a Cheap Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit
Variable speed control from 8000 to 35,000 RPM
(which equals Dremel speed)

Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit $21.99

Image ... 68696.html

Thanks to Doh for finding this - they are running a special this week you can get it for $17.99

click me

Note: I Tested this out in the Store, and it has a plenty of power to carve foam kins.
The Only Issue is going to find a flex shaft that fits this (Dremel brand flex shaft does not fit this)

But you can carve a foam pumpkin without a flex shaft !
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I bought one a few weeks ago when they were running the same sale in the Charlotte, NC area. I just wanted to see if it was comparable to my Dremel. I think the RPM's are slightly ill-advertised. It didn't seem like it was running as fast as it should have. However the spare bits I got from the kit were great! Not the best wuality, but a good back-up plan if you need it.
Agree ! But it still has the power to carve foam pumpkins. and it's a good alternative for many carvers not willing to shell out a lot of money.
I ordered one as a backup also. Just in case my Dremel kicks the bucket in the middle of a carve.

Ultimately if my Dremel ever dies - it will at some point be replaced with another Dremel. :wink: