Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
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By purple1worm
TJL wrote:The Michael's near me has been well stocked with pumpkins - all 50% off. I'm going back tomorrow for more small ones.
They are 50% off at the Micheal's here too! Just picked up my 1st one!
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By amandap80
I picked up 8 large and 2 medium sized (50% off, with 15% additional educator discount!). I sent in my husband for them, so didn't see the lot numbers. I will be carving this week and reporting.
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By BigScience
We ended up exchanging many of the undated pumpkins for the dated ones. We also painted the inside of the darker, dense foams pumpkins that we had already carved with white spray paint. Just FYI, buy good quality, acrylic spray paint with many LIGHt coats or it will not adhere to the inside, it will flow down the walls and puddle in the bottom. Had to go to the next town over to exchange about 8 or so because my local store was out of the dAted pumpkins. IMO, neither of which a great for shading work. :phantom:
I just recently went to my Michaels. They didn't have any good large ones. All they had were two, and one was dented up and scuffed up the other cracked along the seem. Although they did have a lot of the medium ones, so I bought two with dates on the bottom.
oSpriteo wrote:I got an email today saying fall stuff is 80% through the 2nd. I wonder if it is everything and if they will have anything left
I hope. That way I can have some more foamies for next year.
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By St0ney
Here's The First Test with the New Improved pumpkin.

Yes it Now Glows. (were still working out some Bugs)
As of Now.

c) The Foam is Thinner. (Less Thick)
d) The Stem is thicker Like a Real Kin.
e) The outside Color is a More Natural Pumpkin Orange.


Now as of right Now the Foam is Yellow in color, the Orange Glow is from the 5 watt Orange Christmas bulb I have inside.
The company can make the Foam Orange, and Still Glow as Bright.

So the Question of the Day - Orange Foam or Yellow Foam?
Please Comment on my FB Page. I want to keep these all together.
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