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By pagemaster1993
I really think I need to get some, but I still have two from last year. So maybe I'll wait a bit. What I really should be is cleaning out my area of the attic to make room for more.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
So if these newest (unmarked, non-dated) foam pumpkins are harder than usual... well that makes me wonder if the manufacturer finally listened to the pleas of the public - removing the supporting "ribcage" lines on the inside, but instead making the foam a harder consistency in order to give it strength.

The removal of the interior lines is good news, but the harder foam concerns me. Personally, I'd rather risk the instability (I really don't think it would be a problem) and have a pumpkin with no lines and a soft foam. With my style of patterns and carving, I like to use the versa-tool heat knife, and I'm worried the new foamkins won't work as well.

I prefer the softer foam because it has a little "give" which allows you to put some pressure on the surface while carving, without worry of snapping off pieces accidentally. It's pretty forgiving, like a real flesh pumpkin.
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By wookie66
I carved one of the new ones the other night and because its so hard you have to be really careful getting the pieces out. It is very brittle and when you start pushing out the pieces I kept thinking that the surrounding areas were going to snap. You need really clean cuts. Also mentioned was the brown on the inside of the pumpkin. It dulls out the lights I normally use. Im thinking about spraying the inside white to help brighten it up.
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By snow2alike
wookie66 wrote: Also mentioned was the brown on the inside of the pumpkin. It dulls out the lights I normally use. Im thinking about spraying the inside white to help brighten it up.
wookie66, I have found that if I put a piece of white vellum paper behind the carving area ~ the light that shines thru is back to white, with lots of light shining thru. It comes in a 8.5x11 sheets and I just roll it up so it will go in the hole I cut in the bottom of the pumpkin and make sure it unrolls on the carved side. You can buy this at any craft store. It also blocks out the light bulb!
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By wookie66
Went to Michael's today and they have a good mix of the old and new. I bought one of the old ones and so much easier to carve. I might have to clean them out of the old ones.
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By werehawk
snow2alike wrote:My tags from last year were $24.99 and that was up from the year before at $21.99.
As far as I could tell the medium and smalls were still the same price as last year.
BTW the paint on them looked bad! Oh my! I would love to cut one open and see if
the "black lines" are there. It all might be worth it ~ if they were gone!!!!
I bought one of the Large 13 inch ones this year (August 2013). The "black lines" are GONE! The thickness issues seem to have been addressed as well. :D
By maegnus
Now I'm concerned. Are they really that much firmer/prone to snapping/difficult to carve? I can't imagine it being much different if you're using a versatool.

I never really thought about it, but the flexibility of the foam in the old Michaels kins is what really made them a joy to carve. I never worried much about a bit breaking off.
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By pagemaster1993
That's what I'm worried about too, and also there is a rumor of the inside being brown instead of off white. I only ever carve with Michael's Craft pumpkins, and hope that all this isn't true.
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By sloaner
Just got my first one of the year for $28 ($40 regular price!). The outer shell is much harder than the old ones. I broke a small piece off which does not happen very often with me. I think this is the 3rd time its happened and I have done more than 40 pumpkins. The lines were indeed gone but the color is now a yellowish brown. I'm not sure if I like or dislike the change, it might make them look more real seeing as pumpkins are not white inside. I am most unhappy with the price increase so I might buy some for the U.S if they are cheaper. I will try and post a picture of the pumpkin the week.
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By Rich D
I'm working on a shaded pattern right now with one of the new pumpkins - I too snapped a piece off, but I like shading this one more than the old style. It seems to smooth out easier but the debris is more powder like and makes more of a mess - which I didn't think was possible.
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By werehawk
On a Non Dated that I am carving this year. The good yes the lines are gone. The thickness is better. They are not as hard and brittle as the Funkins of several years ago. The cut lines seem cleaner ( less debris ) The bad The darker, denser foam of this year does NOT lend itself to Shading ( i.e. getting 2 or 3 colors out of a carved pumpkin )
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By SuperSonic
Got my one Gemmy for the season (I tend to get two, but I bought a Funkin this year). I got it at 40% off! I got one of the larger ones.

I do remember someone complaining about prices going up on these. Here are the Canadian Prices.

Large (13") 39.99
Medium (9") 24.99
Small (Not availible)
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By pagemaster1993
For the last two years they had that carve a personal pumpkin thing at my local Michael's. I say they want too much for something that if I put the time to do it I could do my self.
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By NikkiRae
Two years ago was my first time carving a foam pumpkin. I got the pumpkin on sale and used a coupon for the versa tool. To me, carving a foamie with the versa tool is pretty easy. And considering the amount of money I found out last year they wanted for the simple patterns at Michaels, buying the equipment and doing it yourself is more worth the while, in my opinion.
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