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By snow2alike
Went to Michaels today (July 3rd) not looking for pumpkins but they found me!
I almost bought one just to see what they were like but I did not have a coupon
and the price has went UP UP UP !!!! **** $29.99 **** OMG !


They went up FIVE dollars from last year!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the report from the field, minion! Didn't the price go up last year too? Looks like we'll be making even more effort to buy during their sales and with coupons.
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By Raven
I kinda freaked out on the price, but now that I think about it I really think last year's price was the same for full price. I wanted to get one, but was not going to spend that much for one. It is exciting they are coming out though!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I have a price tag on the bulletin board next to my desk that has the price $21.99, but I don't remember what size that pumpkin was.

Agreed... exciting that the merchandise is hitting the shelves. Really, now IS the time. Independence Day on July 4th is the last major holiday before Halloween (unless you happen to decorate for Labor Day or Columbus Day).
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By pagemaster1993
I just checked one of my Large ones left over from last year, and they cost $24.99. I had a feeling they were going to go up in price. Well there are always the glorious coupons.
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By snow2alike
My tags from last year were $24.99 and that was up from the year before at $21.99.
As far as I could tell the medium and smalls were still the same price as last year.
BTW the paint on them looked bad! Oh my! I would love to cut one open and see if
the "black lines" are there. It all might be worth it ~ if they were gone!!!!
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By ghostface
Yes the foam pumpkins are back! But, whoa! That price! Oh well, will be buying them anyway! :lol: Thanks for posting this snow2alike!
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By Rich D
Great that they are out, but too bad about the increase. Time to start checking the coupons. I think I just deleted an email coupon. To the 'Trash' folder!
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By sloaner
I think they were $34 last year in Canada. Might try and limit myself to 10 this year.
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By Rich D
There's an app for that! Michael's has Apple and Android apps that offer mobile coupons. I just got a 40% off coupon. Probably the same as the weekly paper, but more convenient.
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