Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
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By Pumpkin Hunter
I've always struggled to find anywhere in the UK that sells foam pumpkins. I can't easily find the stick and carve sheets either. For the first year, I've found this site

I've sent them a message asking how much they are and will add to this post when I get an answer.

Does anyone else know of any good sites or shops for Halloween carving gear?
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By Pumpkin Hunter
I saw those pumpkins and couldn’t work out if they’d be suitable for carving.
I’m lucky enough to have one of the pro-carving tools that a friend brought back from the states. It is the best tool I’ve found for carving. I’ve just ordered a wood carving tool set. Thought it was time to try something new.
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By Bravo020
I have to admit that once I switched over to Stick n' Carve from Saral transfer paper, I've only ever bought the stick n' carve sheets via the ZP shop. I tend to carve around the 20+ range each year now, so I bought two packs of 24 sheets IIRC for this year, which will give me some spares for next year.

To try and offset the cost of the international shipping to the UK, I've started to buy some extra items along the way, e.g. enamel badges, hat, t-shirts etc. But of course UK customs nail me every time with the items and then Royal Mail adds on another £8 for handling costs, so actually it does get quite expensive LOL.

This year I also bought another ZP pro carving set, I already have 2 sets purchased from many years ago and they're doing great (might be missing a few blades over the years now), but they have lasted incredibly well. So now with 3 sets in the house, I've got no excuses not to carve more pumpkins this year.....just need more hands...