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By Kayo
did you make the kitty hoodie? he's not amused but vary cute and clearly much easier to handle than my Frankenkitty. if i ever get a puppy they are wearing halloween hoodies all year round :lol: (i want a pit and live half the year in the PNW its cold and they have little fur)
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By monstermash
I got the hoodie from a pound shop just for a laugh. Im guessing it would be the British equivalent to a dollar store. It's really for my aunties dog (a jack russel) but I made Louie try it on first. I got him just after he woke up so I could get a picture of him. A few seconds after I took the picture he started rolling around on the floor in an attempt to get it off. He's pretty easy going really, im always messing him about and he just puts up with it.