Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
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By Euri
I don't often watch TV, but a few years ago I stumbled across a documentary about growers of giant pumpkins. I was immediately entranced. The show was funny, insightful, interesting, and when it was finished I wanted to set out growing my own giant pumpkin just to see how big I could get it. I haven't tried yet, because I could see the total devotion it required. It's still nagging in the back of my mind so maybe someday I'll do it. In the meantime I always catch the re-runs of this because it amuses me- and these people are totally obsessed with pumpkins and I get that. :D

If you want to try to catch it on PBS: Lords of the Gourd or get the dvd from amazon.

Has anyone else seen this? :)
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By purple1worm
Just watched the little intro! Looks interesting. I'd like to try growing pumpkins some day!