Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
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By monstermash
I'm all ready getting nervous about the prospect of having only tiny, soggy pumpkins to choose from this year due to another crap summer. I'm not sure about England but I just don't think we've had enough sun in Scotland for kins this year, and far too much rain. I'm already loosin sleep over it. Somebody tell me to get a grip!
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By ghostface
Here in Illinois we have'nt had one drop of rain all Summer. But yesterday we had a HUGE storm. Not enough to bring the dead crops back to life though. So I'm a little uneasy about our pumpkins this year too. Hopefully we will have some good sized pumpkins!
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By zombombie
I'm hoping we'll be ok MM. But I share your concerns... We might be ok and get a few small 'kins but I think this year might be a bit of a poor showing, even for us :(

But I suppose that means we'll just need to get extra creative and find things to put patterns on ;)
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By MooBoo
That thought crossed my mind too, but i'm keeping hope. Ive only got a small budget this year, which is mainly being spent on pumpkins, so i really hope they aren't a let down. :D
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By monstermash
Its never a good thing to rely on the weather, it always lets us down. Sadly, us Brits don't have the option of foamies. I'll keep all my fingers crossed for a sunny September/October, I suppose there is still growing time. We might have to resort to some kind of WickerMan-esque human sacrifice to please the pumpkin gods for next year. :twisted:
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By Kayo
sloaner wrote:What about going old school


how classic :D great idea lets test our fine motor skills everyone