Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
Just thought I'd share a photo of my 2011 victims, pre-carve. My usual suppliers of pumpkins mentioned that the crop wasn't as good this year, and there have been many issues with early rot. I thought I got lucky, as these all seemed to be holding up well. But then my prize pumpkin (the tallest, smoothest one) turned to mush on the top. You can see the discoloration on top. Maybe I can still salvage it and carve tonight.


Also, check out that massive stem on that one on the left.
By Ajax
That chunky stem looks awesome. They look great can't wait to see what you choose to carve in them. There so Orange, some of mine are greenish. Your carving tonight??? Sweet :D post pictures.
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By monstermash
If you cut out all of the rot and it hasn't rotted all the way to the hollow core then you'd get a few more days out of it before it needs to be carved.
Same exact thing happend to one of mine and I kept it alive for two weeks before carving with a little spray plastic. It was mould rather than mushy rot that made me carve it in the end.
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By amandap80
Looks like some great variation and vibrant color! I love this place. We can all post pictures of overgrown seasonal gourds and rejoice. :D
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By CorpseBride
Beautiful kins. Sucks about the rot though :cry: But on the bright side...just look at that gnarly stem!!