Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
I have been buying all month one or two here and there, some big, some small, some green some orange, some tall, some flat, one in particular is 44lbs :o . I have around 25-30 I think probably a little less for the big day since i'd like to get some carves out of the way for fun and photos. I have special ones for certain patterns a very nice tall one for Johnny in particular that I just got over the weekend. So show your cards what do you have???
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By MooBoo
I've only got 2! My brother has got another 2 for me but he lives in Wales and won't be bringing them down until the weekend of Halloween. But i should be hitting the pumpkin farm on thursday, so i will hopefully have a lot more soon. :D
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By monstermash
Ive got 20. That will be all for me since there are no decent patches for miles and miles but i'm sure your all sick of us UKers banging on about it. I can't wait to get carving. I'm not even sure what to carve on them all yet.
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By Kayo
ive only got 5 and have to decide which 5 patterns are in store for them
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By ghostface
I've got 6 still yet to decide what to put on them.
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By Raven
I have 13. I doubt I will be getting any more. I usually end up with between 10 and 13 every year. I've already carved 4 and I have 2 reserved for the carves I do for my niece and nephews each year on Halloween.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I've only been picking up a random pumpkin here and there... so far I have 6. I haven't yet done my official outing to specifically hunt for the best pumpkins. Maybe this week I will start that hunt.
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By matspud
I have 16 at the moment. Less than I like but I didn't see the point in spending more when I might not even get all these done :?
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By nosferatu
None. Hopefully get some tonight.