Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
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By Starparty
I have bought so many pumpkins from my local farmer's market that he actually planted a new variety (World of Color) this year for me!

This is one of the early results and my first 2011 pumpkin. It is about 50lbs.

I've been pondering what to carve on it, but I'm not getting much inspiration yet. Does anybody have any suggestions??

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By badgers
Undead Ted might fit on there if you lay it on its side
By OrangeOrb
Your pumpkin is spectacular! I've never seen such a large white variety.
I like to do Dracula on white ones. A mummy might be good, or maybe one of the rock gods.
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By SuperSonic
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By Starparty
So many great suggestions! Thank you!

I'm leaning towards a ghost (New Ghost Pattern?? PWEASE!) or a mummy or Stay Puft to work with the white!

I want to get a dim light to put just under or to the side so when it gets full dark people can still see the white skin!
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By monstermash
Ive always loved Sandy Guaze for a mummy pattern. If were not lucky enough to get a ghost pattern i'd be tempted to do him.