Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
By danw
This is my first year to cross Pumpkin varieties. The types I have crossed are Howden Field type, Big Moon, and Cinderella. It was a cold wet spring here in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The plants I started inside and transplanted outside did not burst into growth until the last week of June. I had serious doubts I would have any Pumpkins this year! Finally the plants started growing when it warmed up. The vines were growing feet per day with many blossoms and I was able to do cross pollination. My efforts were focused on pollen from Big Moon and Howden Field to Cinderella. The plants are now ripe with the vines almost dry. The first frost will set the Pumpkins...the time is very near, with the nights getting down to the 40s F. I have quite a few Howdens, several Big Moons and only 5 Cinderella. The crosses took, and are guaranteed pure, as I covered the male and female flowers with filter paper to keep the bees out of my experiment.

The reasons for the 3 types are 1) the varieties do well here, 2) Big Moon is an 80 to 100 pounder with large 10 to 13 ribs, 3) Howden type is a perfect shape with good color, and very prolific! 4) Cinderella ripens very fast, is squat in appearance, has few deep ribs with a very nice orange color. My goal 15-55 pounds in weight, well defined ribs, short season, with great color with greater girth than height...and good flavor.

Next years plants should be very interesting....

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By vibhandaka
Those sound lovely!!! Do you have any pictures?
By danw
No pics...sorry. Not sure how to do it