Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
This year I got my pumpkins from a local farm place that I discovered last year. It's nice to have a local source for great pumpkins.




They had a nice sculpted pumpkin on display...


Here I am dragging some of my victims back to the "House of the Zombie Pumpkins...."


I might go get a few more, but here's what I have so far. 10 pumpkins. A total weight of 286 pounds. The big daddy in front weighs nearly 50 pounds! Surely big enough to fit multiple patterns.

By Ajax
Fantastic looking Kins. That looks like a great supplier. So orange and great stems Kins like that go for 7.99 a piece sometimes around here.
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By Raven
Jealous! :x

I've got pumpkins, but I really want to go to a farm like that. I'd even be willing to go out in the field and pick my own. We have a few patches around here but most require a ticket to all the events, a hay ride out to the field and a pick of ONE pumpkin. I suppose I could take like 10 hay rides...

There is just something special about being out on a farm like that picking out 'kins.
Sorry, don't mean to many anyone jealous. :oops: Heheheh. I was happy with the pumpkins this place had this year. Good stems. Some places cut them short, but these have nice long ones.

In the past I've picked from a pumpkin patch, which can be fun. It's sort of special when you go out there and find the one that is calling your name. It can be a fun outing with family or friends.

But sometimes you need a lot of pumpkins, and don't have a lot of time. Usually I make a couple trips to farms like this, and get half of what I need. But this year I was there with a bigger vehicle, and they had a good supply of huge pumpkins... so I thought, what am I waiting for? Why not just get them all now?

And when I got home, carried them all inside, and washed the dirt off each one (in the tub, too big for the sink!) I thought "Why did I buy so many big ones at once?!"

I know, poor me. It's a good problem to have I guess. :P
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By amandap80
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote: Good stems. Some places cut them short, but these have nice long ones.

Awesome pumpkins!!! Those big beauties will look great carved.