Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
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By SuperSonic
Actually, I choose by pattern. If the pattern is X height by Y length, then that is the pumpkin I will choose.

The top right section is for the Grinning Jacks we intend to do this year. More details coming soon :twisted:
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By SuperSonic
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Nice collection, SS! Indeed, yours are all pretty consistent in shape and size. Is that your goal, or do you just buy pumpkins from a place that sells a lot of the same size?
I bought from 4 stores this year, the first 3 were from a local chain. No Frills is the name. They had a horrid selection and managed to walk away with 3 (I figured why not? I'm here). The place I shopped at most, sold a great selection of size, at $5 a piece. I probably bought $40-$70 in Pumpkins there. Also, they are bigger than they seem. I prefer though these dimensions:

13" high x 6"-8" wide. This for the most part allows me:

1. To center the pattern, and not waste a whole lot of space.

2. Becomes better to look at. So that there is enough space on both sides so that no flesh is taking away from the pattern.

3. More of the patterns here are Taller than they are wider. This allows me to position widths of patterns according to size, and doesnt force me to re-size a whole lot (if at all).

As aforementioned, If the pattern I think of looks like it fits, I buy it. However, I played it mostly by ear this season. But the bulk of the ones I bought fit all the patterns of choice, minus a few left un numbered. I start the numbering process soon, and I will post my costume finalized in a matter of days (I hope). No make up of course, as I do not have enough for two attempts.

There is method to my maddness! :lol: :frank: