Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
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By Raven
Last year my sister in law's sister carved a real pumpkin and eventually just pushed it off her front step into the dirt. It must have had some seeds left inside because she ended up with a pumpkin plant growing. Today she cut it off the vine and read up on how to hopefully make it last till October which shouldn't be too hard. She had 2 growing from the one plant and both are very nicely shaped! We call it the "accidental pumpkin". It's so exciting seeing real pumpkins again!!!

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
A real pumpkin?! Color me green (or orange) with envy. What have I always said about these pumpkins... they have a hunger for life, you can't stop them from growing!

Do you know how big the pumpkin is? Looks like a decent size, especially for an "accidental pumpkin."
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By Raven
It is the perfect size for carving. The ones I get are usually quite large, I'd say this is medium. I offered to take it them off her hands quite a few times. She insists on keeping them both! :P
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By Kayo
i had that happen a few years ago actually, i always use them as compost and in high school had a pumpkin vine pop up it was great!
By Munchkin-Pumpkin
Pretty nice pumpkin for an accident! :thumbsup:
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By ghostface
Awesome! I always leave a few seeds in my 'kins after I carve them. Maybe I'll get an "accidental pumpkin" sometime!