Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
By danw
I have been absent, and convalescent from my centering of mind for several months. I worked with a spiritual healer in Boulder, CO. I learned from him a very interesting method of helping others, through the use of energy...The realm I was taught, I used in a very egotistical, and sloppy way. This person has something very different. Google "New Human Living"...I used my own energy on others, not the Universes...."the sloppy." My flesh almost died of numerous afflictions. The goal of the technique is to wipe trauma from peoples essence...It works! A remarkable twist of spreading good...In the process of feeling like Jesus, and helping others heheh I touched upon a realm I do not understand...I now feel like Aunt Agatha in the flic "Bewitched." My curious efforts of using this new energy thing, bringing an elephant sitting on me...rather than good for others. I can never, just not push the envelope of any activity. Taking all to the inth degree. Mistakes...evidence one is truly living! Pain, frustration,fear, anger,resentment, confusion, hate, anxiety..All, my lovely...Teacher

My second year with a cross of Cinderella pumpkin and Howden Biggie pumpkin...most fun!

much learned, Grateful...daniel
By danw
much has changed for me...i cannot say good...nor bad. back in the USA from eastern Europe...i kiss the ground...here

i have new digs..hehe a giant man cave, with nearly a 1/2 acre of excellent soil for my precociousness, the "french pump X houten biggy" crosses i am most pleased with the results of last year. with this new property comes a 6" well to supply water of the best quality...most important, as this is the high plains continental environment, a type of desert.. my chickens, 15 of them keep an abundant supply of eggs for me...and a fiercely chemically hot supply of fert material from under the night roost. and several days ago, chicks! hatched ny a vigilant hen...the are all mutts, crossed between barred plymouth rock x,anacona, Rhodisland red,x australaps x red Plymouth. should be a sight!

high power model rocketry, and a severe interest in pyrotechnics...with the blessing of the ATFE, state, and local authorities, provide a wonderful diversion from the realities of contemporary civilization. good fortune follows me in working commercial displays of fireworks/manufacturing, and pyro special effects for many varied concerns..paint the sky

life is interesting

water can drown you...or quench ones thirst in the parching heat, fire can burn the hell out of one...or keep you warm in a freezing blizzard, the light of the day shows the path so you do not fall off the cliff...and the dark provides horizons beyond the minds eye... what is bad, good, right er wrong? oh great entity, give me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference?

now to find a good spook show, or finish a monster model or make a shell for this week end with the pyro club...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee life