Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
By Ajax
Picked up a real pumpkin last week and wanted to try something different and test out my new camera.


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By nosferatu
I haven't even seen anything Halloween related in the shops, let alone a pumpkin.

You are throwing down the gauntlet already. Awesome carve, great props and really great photograph. Great pattern choice too. I like the way that some of the patterns fit together. Interesting.

Love that Ghoul pattern.

Great start. Look forward to seeing many, many more.
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By ghostface
Such amazing work. Really like how all of those patterns fit together.
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By pagemaster1993
Very nice. You covered almost every Rob Zombie Pattern on this site. That is impressive.
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By SuperSonic
This looks fantastic!!! How long did this take to carve?!
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By sloaner
Great pictures Ajax. I love the little pumpkin candles and its cool you carved a real pumpkin already.
By Ajax
SuperSonic wrote:This looks fantastic!!! How long did this take to carve?!
Probably 3-4 hours spaced out. I put the patterns on last weekend and carved it today. Real pumpkins have started showing up here in my town and i couldn't resist. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback.

Nos, I carved the ghoul because I seen your carve of him last year. Such a well designed stunning pattern up there with frankensteins monster.
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By sloaner
Are you using a secondary light source or just the candles?
By Ajax
sloaner wrote:Are you using a secondary light source or just the candles?
Just the pumpkin tea lights, but there is a lot of them. I used a toy camera effect on my camera in the top picture which gave me a different effect.
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By monstermash
Oh boy! Talk about a grand start to the season. Terrific carves Ajax, the whole picture looks stunning. You're a lucky duck, that kin looks huge!
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By MooBoo
Amazing carves! They look great and i love your use of props. :D
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