Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
GUS wrote:Here are those missing from yesterday a nice 6 carve day!...

Night Owl

Oogie Boogie 2 (it was getting late & he's a favourite speed carve)


Pretty Poison

(I really messed up on this one)! ..rushed & tired had to change some lines around in case it wasn't lit to assist overall defenition, however it's been promised they'll buy some lights!

Hey Gus
I took the liberty and posted a photo for you --- you are doing some great work and it should be displayed in all its glory on these forums

Thanks mike, feel free, I simply don't have a tied in photo account so I use twitpic to show for those who may like to see.
CombichristGirl wrote:i live that pattern great work :)
that's the really messed up one, the pup was giving some grief, late, wrong blade, saral wrong way round, etc...
more a filler for a feller who didn't give me any input as to what was required so it was actually top of one of my folders & a last minute pick, I really messed it up, can't look at it myself, not to mention having to change lines so dramatically in case no light was used on display.
..I guess I am new to real pumpkins really (only 2010 & this year really) prior to that foamies ruled 99% of the time, i'll take my own self analysis down a notch) ,noted ..thanks!