Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
By Ajax
Wow, that looks great. You have a very artistic seven year old on your hands. One that also has excellent taste in television. Another great pattern choice that I haven't seen in a while. How many pumpkins are you carving for this farm and how many people will be seeing them roughly? I thought there was a pumpkin shortage in the UK where are you getting all your jumbo kins?
Lets just call me Silas Marner :wink:
Ajax I hail from farming folk so anything I can do to help them sell by the gate, the pay off ..Pumpkins! to be honest it probably cost me as much in petrol to get there as to buy them, but that's not the point, & I get first dibs on the crop.

It's just a roadside hut where you leave your money, but it gets pretty busy & the seasons kicked off already for them.
I'll just carve a few for them as they need them so between 4 & 8 depending upon weather & decay rate..

their giants are 50p more (@£2.00) than the smallest you'd get in the supermarkets, too cheap! ..however that's often farmers, they worry about what'll be left over esecially if a supermarket does a return Articulated lorry load! :o

Hoping to here about the supermarket today.. in which case I imagine it'll be foamies..

This year she needs much less help with guiding, she's learnt depth alot better, though i did have to do the little skulls for her, ..they were a pain.

since inserting the blade more fully into the hilt of the pro tool she's got more hand / eye co-ordination, though a few slips & alterations, she can turn it pretty fluidly now, I was thinking "scroll cutter" as I held onto her hand to see what she was doing with the teeth :lol:
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By monstermash
Bloomin good start Gus and Izzy. Your daughter has great taste, nothing namby pamby!! :)
6 more to come... "just realized (& a first) taped saral face up) Gaaaa'kkkk

..((strangulated scream type noise))

will promptly post poorly presented pumpkin pics...

ok to start...

iI'm really hoping the supplier (farmer & store) use lights! ..just in case not i've played around with a few lines, & as I don't know what asort of treatment they'll get have made some lines thicker, so haven't "quite" followed ryans lines... (it's a survival thing)

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By Raven
Fantastic Gus and Izzy!

I really love The Mortician pattern. Seeing him carved again makes me want to carve him again this year.
By Ajax
Those last two aren't freebies are they? Love both, but the ghoul is one of my favorite patterns ever.
Ajax wrote:Those last two aren't freebies are they? Love both, but the ghoul is one of my favorite patterns ever.
Ghoul is still "rocking somewhere I think!? ..wasn't he a bonus several years ago, now mainstream.

Gargoyle Hellion, think he was a freebie last year (2010)

..I ended up forgetting to put the memory card back in the camera, so can't upload tonight as I don't have the right lead...(rrrrr)

Night Owl

Oogie Booge 2 ((again)) him!

Pretty Poison... boring.

Why that selection, well, as they're going in a shop / number of shops you don't know who is going to "object" to anything oo demonic ((strange folk)) or gore , headless cheerleader etc, therefore this was a prety safe selection whilst keeping it interesting I hope..

I was given free rein as to carves, but you've got to then think for the person who your doing them for, if you know farmers you'll know what I mean! :? :lol:

However My farmer was pretty chuffed when he saw them all tonight, his mate is coming over from around 40 miles away, & I actually saw our farmer smile, I think he's starting to get a touch enthusiastic about pumpkins as more than another crop! (hooray if that's the case) ..certainly he was pretty enthusiastic, beginning to appreciate the work we all put into them & the lit result! ..he's promised to get his mate to buy some led lights for this lot in order to show them to their best... progress.

& I've had a kind of invite to perhaps attend the Young Farmers pumpkin & beer carving party! ..wahay! an ex Young Farmer myself, this could end up losing a finger or drunk & trouserless ....again

..Or if I get really drunk, ...NO, lets not go there, I am not anymore!

..oh go on then, just for one more night.
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By ghostface
Amazing work GUS!!
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By SuperSonic
Freakin shweeet GUS! :)
Here are those missing from yesterday a nice 6 carve day!...

Night Owl

Oogie Boogie 2 (it was getting late & he's a favourite speed carve)


Pretty Poison

(I really messed up on this one)! ..rushed & tired had to change some lines around in case it wasn't lit to assist overall defenition, however it's been promised they'll buy some lights!
By Ajax
They all look great some of them are even pretty :wink: . That's a whole lot of carves to have in before the big day. How big will your Halloween display be?
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