Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Had to slam this out very quickly due to immediate requirement & no time myself, (but hey isn't that the way sometimes)?
Izzy Saral'ed it to the pumpkin & "more or less" traced, so I did have to go freehand in a few places, not to mention this shot is prior to any clean up, bleach dunk & hydration...

In fact we went out shopping this evening & forgot the bleach! gaah!

So as it's late & Izzy's poorly, the dogs are barking, wanting supper & "stuff" I took a quick pic...

There's never enough time for good photography, so my usual sloppiness will have to do!

Night all.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Wow, nicely done, Gus! That pattern is pretty epic. Looks fine to me! Also, I'm glad to see you found a way to share photos. Twitpic works.
By Ajax
Looks awesome, I missed out on that pattern myself it was a bonus pattern 2008 or something wasn't it? How come you sacrficed such a large pumpkin so early sounds pretty large at 36 lbs. So many little cuts.
Ajax it's got to be at ythe pumpkin farm tomorrow morning so had to literally hack & slash about 3 times my normal speed, just thinking mostly whilst doing it, I really hate the fact that one eye appears a touch bigger than the other, that said there are shedloads of errors, it was a "pop up tent" speed carve :lol:
By Ajax
Looks great to me I can't notice any imperfections at all, and I study these patterns daily :) . Can't wait to see more of your carves you seem to pick patterns a little outside the box that I don't see carved to often. Glad you found a method for uploading that works for you i don't mind clicking a link.
yup twitpic is a medium I can live with.

After years of ooh gotta carve, i'm refusing to look at new carves till i've played catch up a little, keeps my mind a little straighter & on the ball, new carves are exciting but they're all new carves till they've been carved at all!
(I can be so sensible at times, but it saves faffing)

I've no idea why this stencil isn't more popular it's absolutely beautiful & a joy to carve, ..even when rusty.

I wish i could thin the walls more but as it has to go on the farm so early it needs all the natural protection it can get so the walls are deep.

go pumpkin gutter!

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By paddy_babe
well Gus, when your out and about today.... pick up bleach!! :lol:
Brill first carve of the season, getting the cobwebs off your carving hand ready for the rest :)=
Yes it's sterilizing fluid & bleach dear!

This morning Izzy got up early to finish her first carve before school, it's soaking just now but i'll pop up a picture later when we get the chance to light it up...

Any guesses as to what she tackled?
(prize is self satisfied clever smug look for the day).

I really ought to have thinned the walls more for her as it was a struggle.. however!
She wants to tackle walking dead bicycle zombie next, we'll see
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By paddy_babe
I think Scraps or Count Chocula lol
By Ajax
Do you let her watch the walking dead, It starts up again next week here. I'm guessing Kermit the Frog.
if you lot were William tell, you'd have run your kid through! :lol:
Guess again.

it's more "sombre" than that :wink:

Ajax, she's a big fan of walking dead, she's seen it more times than me.