Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
By Zee
Technically, because I can only carve foam pumpkins (I’m allergic to real kins!) some of these are from previous years. I’m acquiring quite the collection. Most are ZP!

And some smaller kins (and Chief Brody with Bruce the shark)
By Zee
Thanks so much Mesmark!

Christine, slimer, the birds, barbosa, sloth, papa, “happy Halloween” were my 2018 carves. Hoping to do a pumpkin tree in our front yard this year... we’ll see how that goes. :thinking:
By Ajax
They look awesome! I'm impressed you carved that pattern from The Birds looks hard.
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By Shilden_72
Well, that's not just some holiday decorations, that's artwork, congrats! The characters are immediately recognisable, it sure is something that would catch the eye of anyone passing by. I'm just curious: how much time do you spend on one pumpkin, on average?
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By Zee
Awwww thanks so much guys! On average I spend about an hour-ish per pumpkin. The majority of that time is spent tracing patterns. :roll:
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By Jackoman
That's a ton of work! I spy Christine. Great work!