Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
I still need another black foamie so I can do the snake Beetlejuice!

Wolfman was so hard to do with a hot knife. It's easiest to just use the tip around sharp turn but then it's hard to punch out the cut pieces.
Burns sustained : one middle finger.
Eventually I want to have all the classic movie monsters in foam.

TommyBoy, the cat, is attracted to the lights and likes to be photographed as well. :black_heart:

Beautiful work. The Beetlejuice couple are especially stunning. You're dangerous with a heat knife (I meant that poetically and literally).

Can't go wrong with the classic Universal monsters in foam pumpkins. They'll never go out of style, so you'll be glad to have them in permanent pumpkins. They're proven to be more than a fad.

The photos with the cats are great, they are fitting Halloween models.
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By amandap80
Love them -especially the Sanderson Sisters and your black kitty. Your fireplace is awesome by the way. :thumbsup: