Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
So. It has just occured to me that I never posted my 2017 pics (some are awful though) AND IT'S A YEAR LATE. SOBS :cry:

So rather than post each photo individually, I'm going to post a link for you all to follow to the album!

SuperSonic's 2017 carves!~
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Yep! Enough to be a year late :oops:

Thanks man! I just gut the pumpkin really thin on the walls to get that glow effect. No idea how it works, I just know for some reason with the lighting I used to take them that it just works that way.
Better late than never! That's a good looking group you carved last year.

There are some patterns that I never really thought to carve, and then I see someone else do them and I realize how good they look when carved. You did a couple that I never really thought of doing, but I might need to this year.
Thanks man! I think the same thing when I see some of the other ones people will do that I don't as well.

Got two foamies saved up for this year though :smile:

Kinda tempted to get the first one of 2018 out of the way. But I also want to make sure what I put on there is something I want to keep lying around :lol:
Thanks! Plenty more will be readied for this year I assure you.

Which ones in particular? I'm always curious as to what patterns people choose over others/what reasons they had for doing so.

For me its just not enough time or pumpkins to do them all :lol: