Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Well, not really a carve, but some new Windowkins. I’ve been wanting to make some Windowkins for our side windows, but haven’t gotten to them for the past two years. I was in the mood to make something for this year and finally knocked them out. I needed patterns that were wider instead of taller. I adjusted Creature Reacher so it took up more space in the window.

I plan on making 4 new ones for our upstairs windows, and want to try and make some kind of Windowkin box type things for my side yard with all of the Walking Dead walkers and some kind of box with a light in it.

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St0ney wrote:
Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:12 am
They Look Great !!!

Every year I want to do this and that, and then I can't find the time... :cry:
I hear ya. This year I figured I’d get a head start and actually get the stuff done that I’ve been putting off so I don’t get to Halloween and realize that I again dropped the ball.
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Started working on the new Windowkins for our upstairs windows. Planning on doing the Munsters.

Here is Herman:
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Whether it's watermelons or windowkins, I'm happy to see that the crave to carve is strong... we often can't wait for pumpkins to become available.

I've always been impressed with the popularity of the Creature Reacher pattern. It's one of my oldest, and I never thought too much of it. But it seems to speak to people. Something about the simple eyes and reaching hands is unique I guess.

Also, you can't go wrong with the Munsters. I have the entire series on DVD and was thinking of watching episodes during my breaks during this Halloween season. Easy to digest, short episodes, that keep the spooky spirits up.
You are so right about Creature Reacher. There’s something about that pattern that I love. Simple yet creepy. I’ve been wanting to make it into a windowkin for some time and finally got around to it.

While carving Herman I had the series on in the background. That seemed appropriate.
I just finished Lily Munster last night. She'll be going in my windows, along with Herman (Done), and Grandpa and Eddie (Not done yet),

I've also wanted to try and make a few that will be located in my side yard. The area always sat empty, but I always felt something should go there. I'm going to try and make windowkins that will be part of a box with some kind of spot light, or other light source inside the box. I've decided to go with the 4 Walking Dead walkers. I blew the patterns up to 300% so they'll be quite large, but I really think they are going to turn out awesome when they are done. So far I've completed the actual carving of Bicycle Girl and the Arrow Walker. I still have to make the box. I have some ideas, I just need time to work on them.
Cant wait to start some carves. Got some new foamies on liquidation and gonna jump right in with my new heat knife! Always so many originals that i love but gotta say the Patch Master has always been my favorite. It really just says "Halloween" to me.