Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By monstermash
Hi everybody! Not too many carves from me this year. I was in Disneyland Paris for Halloween this year which meant I didn't have the same time to decorate or carve and enjoy them. Still got a few done though.
My spirit hasn't been quite as strong the last couple of years due to bouts of illness and depression. I have my good days, more so than the bad so that's good. Anyway, because of this I haven't made as much effort with my photography and I haven't themed my pictures. I hope to get back to doing that though. Maybe next year.
I made a couple of little props this year. A grisly looking bat in a cage, a lamp of tiny skulls and a very quick Oiuja board. Decorating is much the same as every year, just less. The old skellies were glad to be dragged out the loft anyway.

Here's me in some (thankfully) heavily filtered snaps from halloween night. This was just before we went into the park for the Disney Halloween party. Not long after that I was pretty ill. Typical. I think from some questionable chicken. You can imagine I wasn't feeling in the party mood but still enjoyed the night. Too busy though!
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By DeadKing
I really like the pics and decorations and I can only imagine how was it at the Disney Halloween party, but except the ill part, of course.. well, I wish you that next Halloween everything will be great. :D
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By S.A.M
Oh no what rotten luck to have taken ill on you Halloween holiday at Disney Land :? That's the type of bad luck that usually follows me around, you have my sympathy :lol: Did you manage to see much of the Disney Halloween party? If so what was it like?

I love the skellies playing cards, they're such good quality too very realistic, suspiciously so..hmm I'm saying nowt. The bell jar skull lamp looks amazing as does the bat; by amazing I mean it's eerily realistic & enough to make me shiver. You should be making and selling this stuff (if you don't already), you have such a brilliant eye for detail and mixed with Victorian macabre style = Halloween perfection.

Fab multi-carve pumpkins too, carved to perfection and your photography is stunning as always, I'm still in love with that room :love:

Here's hoping your Halloween spirit will be back next year but don't let there be any pressure for it to be, as you know it can't be forced either you feel it or don't :)
By Ajax
Wow, everything look fantastic as usual. Love the 2 sugar skulls the must have taken a long time. Good pairing of King Kong and T-Rex. The decorations all look great. Can't wait until next year :thumbsup: . Sad you were sick in Disney land I've never been. Not the first Halloween I've been sick myself but I'm glad I was home in bed even though I missed everything.
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By monstermash
Thank you guys!
I really hope I'll be back to my old self for next year. I plan on making some bits through out the year so it doesn't feel like i'm cramming everything into October.
I was struggling quite a bit through the party night and the next day in Disneyland but what I did take in I enjoyed. I did expect a little more from the night itself having watched videos of previous years. The decorations seemed paired back (probably because of them not wanting to remove too many 25th anniversary decs). Still a great atmosphere but WAY too busy. I had the luck of being at Disneyland for short visits twice this year before halloween in the quieter months and it felt much nicer then. Still, as long as you don't catch a nasty bug it's a magical place.

I really enjoy carving the sugar skulls so I didn't really notice how long it took. I think because I carved that one a good bit after halloween and on its own I could take more time over it. The others felt unfinished and not cleaned up. Something about Ryan's patterns though, cleaned to near perfection or a little rough around the edges they are still great to look at.

S.A.M, if I'm not feeling it next year you may find me hiding in your hedge scaring kiddies! :twisted: :lol: :lol:
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By mesmark
my one word review:


I love the skull lamp! Those skulls have such great detail and piled together like that and lit with the soft yellow glow is fantastic. It reminds me of your pile in a fireplace or something years back. Just phenomenal!

I'm a little sad and embarrassed by my efforts on the carving front this year. You said you weren't really all that into it, but look at those awesome pumpkins and that fabulous room setting. I like the Rocket and Groot on one large pumpkin. The photo with the zippy light around them is great! Also, it's nice to see the original VIP sugar skull paired with the current.

The poker playing skeletons and floating cards set-up is absolutely brilliant!

If this is what you do when you aren't fully yourself, I'm both terrified and excited to see what's to come when you're full on. :D
monstermash! I always look forward to photos of your carvings and decorations. It all seems to come naturally for you. I hope you don't feel pressured though. I know that personally I feel like I need to top myself each year, but of course schedules and moods may not always allow that. No need to feel bad, we're just glad to hear from you!

Your pictures are still stunning. You've done some very detailed carvings, that most people would want to place in an isolated spotlight. And yet you let them share the spotlight, with multiple carvings per pumpkin.

Maybe you just had a limited number of pumpkins, but still... it shows a humble restraint to carve a maniac level pattern like the Night King, and have that just be on the side of one pumpkin in a group shot. :lol: Day of the Dead sugar skulls are very complex... so why not do two together! :shock:

All your combo pumpkins create good themes. I'm particularly pleased to see King Kong paired with a T-Rex. I know that he fights these dinosaurs in his movies, and yet it never dawned on me to put these patterns together.

Your skeletons look quite real. I won't ask too many questions. I don't want to become your next skelly. I'm not a good card player either. Although I do still have my actual extracted wisdom teeth, and that's what your skeletons seem to be using for betting currency.

I've said it before, but I've always been a fan of your decorating style. Everything just looks real and ancient. I have to read your post carefully to understand what's been newly created. Otherwise I would just assume that's a real dead bat that you found in the attic ages ago.

Nice to see some smiling faces too. Filtered or not, everyone looks lovely and full of Halloween spirit! Thanks for sharing your Halloween!
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By amandap80
Your decorations are what my decorations want to be when they grow up. Your pumpkins are impeccable. I hope this year is a better year for you - let's start early and enjoy! :grin: