Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
By Lithium_joe

My predator carve, enhanced with a little Photoshop* to make it look a bit more 3D.

*(noise reducation 'cuz I was shooting in the dark! And I've brightened the eyes and teeth while darkening the dreds, a lighting set up that's impossible to achieve elsewise, but I think makes the carve look more 'real')

What do you think?
Nothing wrong with a little selective brightness editing after the fact. Pumpkins are tough to photograph in the dark. I've spent years trying to perfect the techniques. At this point I'm using a tripod, studio lights on stands, handheld colored LED lights, and more.

Your Predator looks ugly, and I mean that as the best compliment. I'm a bit envious that you got to carve him. I had plans to do so, but ran out of time. Eventually he will fall victim to my blade too.
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By amandap80
Great carve! Would you believe I had never seen Predator before this year?! Some freaky stuff there. Good job!