Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Raven
To avoid a long drawn out story I will just say I was unable to carve this year. I didn't even get my ZP tools out of the attic, nor did I decorate. I did however buy a few new decorations, but that was all I had out. I wasn't going to buy pumpkins either, but then someone sent me a "redneck pumpkin carving" meme and I was like "I can do that!" so I bought a few 'kins.

Apparently this is how a redneck carves a pumpkin... 'MURICA! :P


Shortly after that another minion sent me a video of a pumpkin with green flames.. This is the only 'kin I carved. I didn't clean it up or anything because, well, I was going to set it on fire.

Before the fire.

During the fire.


Fire video.

I also had another idea instead of carving. Glow in the dark spray paint! I cut out the pattern and used spray adhesive to attach the pieces to the pumpkin and then sprayed with glow in the dark spray paint. Peel off the pattern pieces and you have a sorta carved pumpkin!



I have one more untouched pumpkin, but it's probably going to either get shot or end up as a decoration outside for awhile till some wild animal decides to eat it.
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By Pumpkinfreak
Looks like you had a great time this Halloween :lol:
The fire looks great, it's always exiting to work on a carve and once it's done torch the hell out of it with chemicals :D very cool
The idea of the spray painted pumpkin is actually brilliant, and it looks great.
Something different but it works!
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By mesmark
Awesome pumpkin! I had seen a few of the "pumpkin on fire pictures" on FaceBook but the video really tells the story. That's a cool effect. It would be awesome if there was some way to get that to work for a longer period.

(Maybe Lala?) There was a pumpkin with a tissue, air-blown torch inside. That seemed cool, but the real flames really pop. (controlled) Fire is awesome.

The glow in the dark pumpkin is fantastic! The magic mirror patterns seems great for that. I bet there is lot you can do with the idea. How does it look in person? Does it glow enough that it could be out on the porch at night?

Too bad about the carving year. I was looking forward to some of your picture set ups. But, so it goes. I hope next year is smash!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
There seems to be an ebb and flow to each person's desire or availability for the pumpkin carving tradition. But Raven... even when you claimed that you weren't doing anything this year, you still managed to shoot, carve, burn and paint pumpkins. The crafting urge burns within you, you can't help yourself!

I especially enjoyed your flaming pumpkin, because I too experimented with some controlled chemical-colored fire this year. Something I'll probably try again in the future.