Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By S.A.M
monstermash wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:57 am
I see you didn't really bother with much decorating or carving this year S.A.M... :wink: Just kidding.
Thanks monstermash! Yup it was really tiring not bothering with decorating or carving this year, the less you do the more tired you are! I really do get a kick out of knowing you like the display I put together.

I've notice the scented fogs but I really like the scent of plain fog juice, takes me right back to a High School disco all those years ago and all that happened, crazy how smells are tied to memories. I'll defo avoid them now though, can't be having the place smelling like a public loo!

Oh I would have loved for you to come hang out with me in my garden; it'd be ace to have help with decorating, handing out the scares and treats! But yeah I think maybe we'd get carried away if we joined forces. If ever you'd like to team up though, either here or there, just let me know 'cos I'd be up for it :thumbsup:

By all means please pinch the stairs shot, I didn't invent it so it's not mine to pinch, I'd love to see your version. I know for a fact your effort would beat mine hands down! I was curious as to when I started with the stairs shot and looking back through pictures the first time I did it was 2006! 11 years of the same photo :lol: I really should think about doing something else :lol:

Thanks again monstermash and yes here's to a bigger and better Halloween 2018! :witch: :frank: :arrowhead:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
S.A.M, I applaud your attempt to shade those logos at all. Even that Hocus Pocus lettering, you're on a roll with the logos! I shaded big bold letters for the 1960s Batman and Joker this year ("KAPOW" and "BANG") and I found myself questioning the choice. Haha. It can look nice and helps the pumpkin last longer, but it can take more time and effort. I guess I'm just a cut-out-carver at heart.

Don't feel bad about not using more props to stage your photos. Stairs and blue light is your trademark now! Even if you do different styles of photos though, I can usually still recognize yours. A lot of members here have a recognizable photo style. Funny how that works.

Glad you liked the cartoony Worry Wart witch! I was pleased with how that came out. I like the style too. So you can expect more classic Halloween creatures like that in the future, I suspect.

Wow, Night King in blue, looking great! I'm impressed with everyone who attempted his textured face. I carved him too (but didn't get to spend much time with him, before setting him on fire for a video shoot). Yours is a show stopper indeed!

You guys have dreams about missing Halloween too? That's like my biggest recurring nightmare. S.A.M you're right, it's an anxiety inducing dream because you wake up with the sensation that it's really happening. It's especially stressful for me, because if I somehow slept through October and missed Halloween season entirely, I'd be letting down a lot of people! :(

The Halloween group shots - WOW! There's such a classic Halloween vibe to the set. You seem to lean towards the classics with your design choices. There's so much texture in the image, with the fine details of lettering and such. Bravo!

Night King seems like he needs blue color, and I appreciate that almost everyone tries to light him as such. But I also agree that the blue light doesn't always show the design as well. Green lights seem more reliable, would you agree? Your Worry Wart seems to be shining brightly.

I spy a screen printed Fear of the ZP poster! Glad it made it all the way over to ya!

I had a huge smile on my face while looking at your Halloween decorated yard. It's helpful to see the birds eye view in daylight. Really helps me grasp your layout. And the video is perfect to make us feel like we were there.

You surely deserved all the compliments you got. Some of the forum members here have said they scaled back on their Halloween efforts this year, and it looks like they loaned the extra Halloween spirit to you! Thanks for all you do.

:)= Nice Simon's Quest reference. :wink:
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By amandap80
Absolutely perfect carves -such clean lines. Excellent photos! :jack_o_lantern: