Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Beautiful heirloom pumpkin there. I've done carvings for weddings before, and the connection to that special day automatically makes them meaningful. In this case, this also seems to be a celebration of the family name and history. My quick Google searching tells me that this is the
clan crest for those named Bell with origins in southern Scotland, right?
Yeah, very cool. Ken, do you do a lot of custom carving jobs like these? Is it usually for friends and acquaintances? Or sometimes strangers? If so, how do they find you? I would guess that your big pumpkin displays (and related press coverage) result in people asking you, "could do you one for me?"
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By Pumpken
I have an Etsy shop which is where I get most of my custom order requests. Then I have to figure out what to carve, what to shade and what to leave from their pictures. It is challenging, but fun. I don't see how you can figure out what to cut out to make your great patterns. It always amazes me.
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