Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
I've slowly started knocking off the rust and getting ready for the madness that will begin on Thursday, October 27th. Last year our family did 39 carves on 32 pumpkins, and this year we already have in excess of 40 pumpkins to carve. I think I can get it all done since I've taken off the Thursday and Friday before Halloween, and will have that entire weekend and Monday to get everything done. I'll have a lot of help from my 14 year old, who's already said she's carving all of the Harry Potter characters.

I'm not a huge fan of carving Foamies, but this year I decided to pick a couple up. I picked up one of the Michael's small gray pumpkins and went with Grave 'n' Raven, which in one of my favorites. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it came out, but had a hard time with the left tombstone.


The cemetery walker has also been a favorite pattern of mine, and a few weeks back I had picked up a faomie from Target, which I had never used before. I figured that for $12 it was worth a shot, and I have to say I actually liked them better than the Michael's pumpkins. I thought they were easier to carve, and for $12 it was a bargain.


Finally, we had a new front door installed a few months back, and luckily for me it had a screen door, which I hadn't had in the past. Well, as soon as I saw that, I knew I had a nice canvas to work with so I set out to figure which pattern would look best blown up to 600% and made into a windowkin. Yesterday I got that finished and I love the result. I think it will go well with the rest of the windowkins that I've done in the past.

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mesmark wrote:What are using as the black material for those?
The black material is made up of 3 1/2 foam boards that I got at Dollar Tree in their school supply section. Each sheet is 30 inches high by about 21 inches wide and made of a piece of thin foam that is backed on either side by black paper. All I did was put the sheets on the floor and taped them together on the back side of the cutout with Duct tape. The duct tape helps keep any light from shining through, and as an added bonus I can easily store the windowkin by folding it up when I'm done.
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Wow that windowkin looks fantastic. I would love to make one some day and great choice of pattern for that.
Ajax wrote:Wow that windowkin looks fantastic. I would love to make one some day and great choice of pattern for that.
They are so easy to do. That one took maybe an hour and cost $4 for the materials. I think they make our house really stick out at Halloween, and everyone loves them.
I'm absolutely blown away by your carves (and STELLAR windowkin)! You've certainly gotten off to a grand ol' start! Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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Mayor of Haddonfield wrote:

That LOOKED SO AWESOME ! I just downloaded the Same Pattern to do this on my Front Glass Door... :thumbsup:
Sweet! Can't wait to see it! :thumbsup:
Grave 'n Raven works well on the "stone" pumpkin. Fitting for the cemetery scene. Glad you gave it a shot. The tombstones with crosses are a bit delicate but you pulled it off.

So you had a better experience with the Target foamie? I haven't used on of theirs lately, but I remember them being similar to Michaels. But maybe slightly different. If it was easier for ya, that's awesome. The finished carving clearly is a success.

A 600% "Scared to Death" pattern. Now that's a mega-stencil if I ever saw one. That should catch some attention from a distance. So good. I like your system of using foam boards hinged with tape. I may try this myself.