Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Pumpken wrote:Here is a video of Ken's Pumpkin Patch 2016 set up at my house on Halloween with 216 pumpkins. Unfortunately, earlier in the day, two of the sections of shelves collapsed crushing 6 real and 4 foam pumpkins.


Here is an article written in the local paper this year.

Oh no! That sucks about two sections of shelving collapsing and crushing 6 real and 4 foam pumpkins. I hope none of the foam pumpkins were Spiderman or that unreal ring pattern you just did. I think I'd throw up if either of those were destroyed!
Ken - Awesome display! I was watching the video and you first start on the right and pan left. I was thinking it was impressive and then you came back to the right side and just kept heading right!!! :shock:

That wasn't the right side, that was the center! :pale:

Excellent work and congrats on the article. It must feel go to have them notice and help promote your efforts.

Any pictures from the display at your house?
I should read what people write ... :oops:

So, the video was the display at your house. ?? I was thinking it was a video of them displayed somewhere else and then you later moved them to your house. And in my mind they were then scattered about your lawn.

Very impressive regardless of placement. Sorry about all the losses this year, but congrats on the awesome display!
Ken, you're so prolific it's hard to comment on all that you carve. You do such a variety too. From simple cutouts that are recognizable from a distance... to finger-numbing detailed shaded pieces. There's something for everyone's taste.

I appreciate the themed set you did for the "Ghoulish Grammys." Thanks for using so many of my Rock Gods patterns there.

My condolences on the loss of some pumpkins due to shelf collapse, and that Spider-Man vs car incident. But if anyone has proven their patience for repeated carving, it's you! Sometimes your pumpkins seemingly commit suicide, knowing that they need to make room for new carvings.

It's nice to see the compilation image, so you can remember which pumpkins you carved during which year.

And congrats on more newspaper coverage. You're always so good about giving the pattern sites credit, thank you for that!!