Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Pumpken
Thanks Par.

I mostly do Gemmys, but bought a bunch of #8 Funkins last year, so will be doing several this year.

I am currently working on a 20" Funkin. I have just started the shading. I will post if it turns out.
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By pagemaster1993
What do you mean that you ran over it? Like with a car or feet? I just need to know.
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By Pumpken
I had it carved on an 8" Gemmy. I store them in garbage bags hanging from the ceiling of my garage. One morning I came out and found one of the bags had come untied and fell onto my car. There were a couple pumpkins between the car and some shelves I have against the wall, so I picked them up, put them in the bag, and took off for work.... until I heard a sickening crunching sound. I thought to myself, with my luck that is my spiderman pumpkin. Sure enough, it was.

Answer to your question... I ran over it with my car.
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By Pumpken
Thanks Mesmark. Spiderman gets more comments than any other pumpkin in my display. I had to replace it (not to mention it is a really cool pattern).
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By SuperSonic

Not only are these carves fantastic, but I am envious of that Spider-Man!

Fab work Ken!!

The fact that you ran over the previous one though. I can't even imagine how much that sucked. I would be shattered if that happened to me!

Great work, keep it up!