Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By sloaner
Hmm, I think I have the same fireplace as you lol. But the carves look great. I kinda want to do some ghostbusters but I need to wait and see what else comes out.
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By nosferatu
I love your carves. When I look at them, that's how I want mine to look when I'm done. Olaf ans Slimer are my faves. Great stuff.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Oh, I can picture your pumpkin displays, badgers. Lots of foam pumpkins, with many vibrant colors. And now you have added more into that mix. Ghostbusters and Disney themes were big this year, and you have them well represented. Fitting colors too!
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By badgers
this is part of this years battery died and I couldn't get another picture.
I also didn't get out all of my foam pumpkins this year, which I think is my goal for next year, I'm not sure how many I have but with this years carves I think it's over 40.
Sorry that the Snow White, below the Genie and above Dan "Ray Stantz" Aykroyd, didn't show up....eveytime I took a picture it was changing colors (EVERY FRIGGING TIME!!), which is probably why my battery died :roll: .
Thanks for all the compliments everyone.