Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Raven
mesmark wrote:RD - That's an amazing photo! :shock: I can really appreciate the effort to get the scene setter in the shot without a hint of light glare, yet the sword dazzles. I also think that it wouldn't hurt if you brought it down a notch so the rest of us could catch our breaths :)
I just read this after commenting on your carves and photo's. Yours put me to shame!

I think last year was my shining moment as far as photographs went. Everything just came together. I don't see that continuing this year. It's still fun to pick out props and try to keep the dog from constantly walking in front of the camera. :wink:
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By monstermash
Hard getting motivated, not happy with first pictures, you sound just like me RD, what's wrong with us? :lol: I don't agree with you about your pics though, they're great and Walkens teeth look brill I can see myself tripping up on those when I tackle him. The minute I saw the pic with the sword I thought "damn! the bar is still high!". I hope you get more into the spirit as the month rolls on, I know i'm feeling it a bit more after watching a few spooky flicks and putting some autumnal decorations in the house. As for the severed head? you know what they say, real is always best... :)=
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By Raven
monstermash wrote: As for the severed head? you know what they say, real is always best... :)=

Sadly, my husband wouldn't help me out on props this time like he did last year as Jason's victim.. :lol:
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By Raven
That flimsy chain link fence at the prison isn't enough to keep this walker out! Thankfully they have Daryl!


I have a Twitter account but I don't ever look at it and I don't think I've ever tweeted..twittered..whatever you call it. I did however Tweet this out to Norman Reedus (at least I think I did) and made sure ZP! got the credit for the pattern. Hopefully more of his fans see it and decided they can't live without the pattern and we will collect more minions!
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By Ajax
Fantastic shot best i think I've seen this year ( besides ryans gilman) and maybe ever. Amazing carve and patterns.
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By Raven
Ajax wrote:Fantastic shot best i think I've seen this year ( besides ryans gilman) and maybe ever. Amazing carve and patterns.
Whoa..whoa..slow down there! That is far too kind, especially to put them up there with Ryan's pictures.

I lost my light quicker than I would have liked. First it was too light out, then a second later it was almost too dark. I wanted the fence to come out a little more. It's my gate at the bottom of the driveway. By the time I would have got back to the house to get more light it would have been too dark for the pumpkins, so I settled on what I had. I did hear a few people drive by and slow down, probably wondering what I was doing sitting at the bottom of my driveway with the gate closed, lighting candles.

I got way too excited with my pumpkin gutter and ended up really thinning these to much, especially Daryl. I really thought he was going to cave in. I don't know what I was thinking while thinning them, but I must have been angry because I just kept going with it. :twisted:
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By Raven
mesmark wrote: I'm now hoping to see the zombie with an actual arrow through his head instead of the carved one. 8)
I was seriously going to do that but I broke the arrow in the picture and I don't have another one!
Fantastic photo AGAIN Ravens. You have a great eye for composition and detail. I'd never of thought about finding a chain link fence etc. you add so much depth to you pictures. They really are works of art. 8) 8)
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