Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
Started off this year with another giant pumpkin... Wish I would have had a drill for the Pumpkin Gutter to thin out the walls as the carve wasn't as clean as I would have liked it.


Just for an idea of size, here are my kiddos with the pumpkin... It was a bit smaller than last years.

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By mesmark
great job! It looks like you got the walls pretty thin for the carving area. I have worked with those giant pumpkin before as well and now I tend to stay clear of them. If you keep using them, you can go down to a copy store and blow up the patterns 200-400%. Spread it out over 4 large sheets and then tape them together. If you have a larger pattern you can use a small saw instead of a carving knife.

But anyway, your hard work is certainly appreciated here. Do you have any photo's of it lit up?
By Ajax
Looking good. Would love to get my hands on a pumpkin that big. Would be difficult to carve though I bet.
My friends own a farm here in New Brunswick and they have an open farm day every fall with a pig and goat roast, all types of sides and desserts, games, pumpkin crafts, etc. I have been their official "pumpkin carver" the last 2 years. Unfortunately, I leave before it gets dark so I depend on them to take a picture of the pumpkin lit. I will have to ask them if they have one when I see them tomorrow.