Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
65-70 wowza. How'd you decide on this particular number goal? You're smart to start early, and this is certainly a good start! I've always wanted to make a pattern of a winged eyeball, actually. Among these carves so far, I like the snake head best. Keep it up!
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By BrookR1
65-70 will put me over 200 for my display this year. Last year I carved 100 and had 150 total including about 15 real ones (which had to be thrown out).

After I reach 200, I think I'm going to rotate out about 40-50 per year (perhaps donate the ones I don't want to other haunters in the area). I'm running into storage issues at home. Because of the storage issues, I have focused on carving smaller pumpkins (9" and 6" foamies with a few larger ones for more detailed patterns).

So far, my wife has been very understanding of me taking over the laundry room for my in-progress work. She's not completely nuts about Halloween like I am, but she was impressed by last year's display. She enjoys socializing with the people that visit and watching our kids go crazy.
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
I absolutely love what you’ve done so far, and would love to see your entire display! I’m sure everyone loves coming to see it every year.

Each year our own display has grown, and each year we get more and more people. It makes all the time we spend worth it. Last year we carved around 70 patterns into 63 real pumpkins to go with the approximate 12 foam pumpkins. This year my goal is 70 real and maybe 3 more foam.

Please post pictures of your entire display once it’s all done. I’d love to see it!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Brook, it sounds like you're maximizing your storage space at home, but being realistic about how many you can possibly have. This is one reason I haven't done too many foam pumpkins. It's too bad you can't just fold them up flat when it's not Halloween. :lol:

I like your idea of rotating the collection though. This will give others a chance to enjoy your older pumpkins, while you change your display enough from year to year (maybe aiming for specific themes). That will keep your visitors coming year to year, so see the new ones.

I like your display style. Pretty unique, with your use of lasers and neon paint and blacklight, not to mention interesting shelves and hanging methods. Can't wait to see how the final display turns out for 2019!
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By BrookR1
Thanks Ryan,

Unfortunately for this year I had to use more conventional shelves because I ran out of room in my display area. I need to get creative again. The potted plant holders did a great job of breaking up the monotony of straight rows, but they took up a lot of space and they needed to be propped up using empty storage containers, which didn't look very attractive. I need a larger, more open venue with lots of vertical space to really vet out some of my ideas.
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By sloaner
Wow thats a lot of foam pumpkins. How long did it take for you to accumulate that many. Ive been at it for 10 years and only at 90. I am looking to buy a new house soon........basically for more pumpkin storage haha.
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By BrookR1

Yeah, our house is a decent size, but it has a very small front yard. We liked that because at the time we bought it, we didn't want to spend all day mowing a lawn. Now, I wish I had a larger front yard. The pumpkins go in the laundry room, garage, office, closets, basically any place I can find so they are somewhat hidden throughout the year. I also carved a lot more smaller 9" pumpkins because I can fit 3 9" pumpkins in the same space as 2 13" pumpkins.

My collection was at about 30 for 3 years. Then last year I went on a tear. Including windowkins, I carved about 100 pumpkins last year. This year, I carved close to 75. Next year, I'm going to limit myself to 30-40 and try to focus on developing my shading techniques using Funkins. This year was all about intricate/extreme cutout patterns.
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By Raven
It's just all so glorious! I can't imagine carving that many even if it's over a year. I carved 2 very simple real 'kins tonight and wasn't sure I'd live through it. :grin:
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By shaft28
Great display from last year. Love the rotation idea too.