Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
65-70 wowza. How'd you decide on this particular number goal? You're smart to start early, and this is certainly a good start! I've always wanted to make a pattern of a winged eyeball, actually. Among these carves so far, I like the snake head best. Keep it up!
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By BrookR1
65-70 will put me over 200 for my display this year. Last year I carved 100 and had 150 total including about 15 real ones (which had to be thrown out).

After I reach 200, I think I'm going to rotate out about 40-50 per year (perhaps donate the ones I don't want to other haunters in the area). I'm running into storage issues at home. Because of the storage issues, I have focused on carving smaller pumpkins (9" and 6" foamies with a few larger ones for more detailed patterns).

So far, my wife has been very understanding of me taking over the laundry room for my in-progress work. She's not completely nuts about Halloween like I am, but she was impressed by last year's display. She enjoys socializing with the people that visit and watching our kids go crazy.