Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Norm, you started a trend. sodajazz, yours came out great too! What method of pattern transfer did you use, sodajazz? And Norm, you used a sticker right? I imagine some of the small pieces of the design might be delicate. When removing the sticker paper, did you just pick away at it? Or soak in water perhaps?
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By Norm
I basically just picked at it. Having fingernails would probably make it a lot easier or maybe even a small tweezers. It actually took more time peeling off the remaining sticker paper than it took to do the actual carving.
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By sodajazz
Well seeing as I am poor and cannot afford sticker paper :P I just used a plain and simple glue stick. When i had finished i just dipped the can in warm soapy water and the paper just fell off, which was a relief :D
It is fun to do, so quick and easy, just turning into a bit of a skip rat asking folk to save their cans :lol:
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By SCAREcrow
Love this idea almost as much as I love drinking the contents. These two actions should probably not be paired, I could see bad things happening!
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By monstermash
chuckwagon wrote:This is BRILLIANT!!! I can totally see doing a handful of these and making a Halloween string light lantern system for parties with these!!! I might have to try this at some point!

I fancy doing just that with the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull pattern. I think that would make a neat set of lights. Might be a fiddly job though, one for the off season.
By Onetrue
I would love to make one. Can I use a drill to cut out the face on the can. Can you do a step by step for people like me. Beginner