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By MooBoo
Hello everyone, okay i have recently been made redundant and to prevent myself from going crazy from boredom, i have taken on a few projects, and i thought i would share them with you guys. This was my first one:

I had some spare christmas baubles and decided to make them more halloweeny. I want to do the whole grinning jack range, as well as the various jack skellington ones, except not long after i took this pic, the Dawn of the ZP fell to his doom and broke in half. :(

And this was my next project:
I used a standard tote bag, painted the stencil on for reference and then sewed on every little bead. This took some time to complete but was very therapeutic, and i'm very pleased with the result. Hope you like :D
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By nosferatu
Love the baubles and the bag. I've tried doing baubles but don't have very steady hands for such fine work. And what you have achieved is mighty fine in more ways than one.

Love the bag. In the words of Gary Barlow, you need a little patience. Looks amazing but I reckon on a black tote it would be stunning.

Great stuff MB and I look forward to seeing more projects! Hope you find a job soon - their loss!
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By ghostface
These look fantastic! Great job!
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By MooBoo
Thanks guys! I was going to use a black tote bag for pretty poison, but the ones i have a very lightweight and wouldn't have held the beads very well. I think i shall experiment with some other designs and other bags. Glad you like :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Awesome, MooBoo! I can imagine what the process would be like to add all those little beads, and wow... it must take patience. I've never seen one of my patterns done in that style, so thanks for taking the time. I hope to see more of this sort of thing from ya!
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By snow2alike
Fantastic Ideas~~~ love both of them !!!

The Pretty Poison Bag is the best idea yet and personally I
love this design on the WHITE bag ~~~ yes !!!
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By staticfurball
Those projects both tured out great. What a good idea.. I have tons of seed beads I should put them to use !
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By MooBoo
staticfurball wrote:Those projects both tured out great. What a good idea.. I have tons of seed beads I should put them to use !
You defintely should! It was great to do, and ive gotten loads of compliments on it!
And thankyou to Ryan, your patterns have helped keep me partially sane :P
I am planning to do some others, perhaps with sequins? Not sure yet. :D
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By purple1worm
very cool! Love the bag! Must have taken some time.