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By Undead head
Trying to put together a Sons of Anarchy costume.

What do you guys think is the best way to get the huge reaper back design along with the rockers on a leather vest.

Im being cheap here and opting to not buy patches for it. My thoughts were to print the design out, exacto out a stencil and just use spray paint.

Would it be better to cut out the area that needs to be white and just lay n spray?
Lay a base coat of white then have my cut outs be for black paint?

Whats the best approach on this?

heres a link to the pic, was having trouble posting it up
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By staticfurball
I would go with option 1 but only worry about the large pieces, you can go over the design later with black paint and do the finer details with a brush.
you can get a masking film like the one I use for airbrushing. it's clear and sticky on one side and it allows for very small cuts and fine details.
By Undead head
masking film....that sounds like it would work out perfect for what Im trying to do.

Good idea about going back for the fine detail. Come to think of it I might just use the stencil for some reference points and try to free hand paint the whole thing. Aside from the letters, those wont turn out good if I try to paint those.

Anyone know of a particular paint to use on leather? I would assume a fabric paint would be best if there isnt one.
It wont ever see the washing machine or anything like that so maybe I could get away with a cheap rattle can job.

Thanks for the help furball!