Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
Nos, you realize at this rate you will never be able to chastise your brood for scribbling on stuff / graffiti.

rod,back! :lol:

"mum, dad's been drawing on stuff again"
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By nosferatu
I have to say that I am the biggest kid out of the four of us.

Think its because I wasn't allowed to decorate our rooms or school books / bags when I was young. Making up for it now.
Nos it's about time you started playing around with u.v. paints & a uv light isn't it!?

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By SuperSonic
I can say I am the same way. I'm like a kid sometimes when Halloween comes around.

If no one listens to me in the month of October I get really b****y :lol: But most times everyone knows I am the boss in October anyway :)

But I would love to be able to do what nos does with his bags and various other things.
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By Batgirl
Great looking book bag! Where'd you find the orange bag?