Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By Kayo
ok so im looking at stenciling some of my gear so i know its mine when looking into that tiny dark space they call storage under a bus. now i want fairly clean lines but also want the pattern to hold up to multiple uses.

any ideas on good material (cost effective is a plus) to make the stencil with?
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By CorpseBride
My derby team and I recently had a t-shirt party. We are on a budget right now and couldn't afford new merch so we made our shirts!

All I used to make the stencil was duotang folders and dividers (not the paper type, the thicker plastic type). I got see through ones and simply traced the design onto the plastic and cut with an exact-o knife. Tada! It was very easy to do and the results were great! Very clean lines.

I highly recommend using fabric paint too. Easily purchasable from good ol' Wal-mart. That is what I used and my shirts have held up great after mutiple washes. No peeling or wear at all. I used Fabric puff paint and applied it with a paintbrush.

Another option if you need more bend to the stencil is overhead transparency sheets (if they even call them that anymore, I suppose I am showing my age now). They are cheap and also hold up quite well.

Here is a picture of how the back turned out using the plastic duotang as a stencil...I have somehow misplaced my images of the front logo with the pistols.

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By Kayo
thanks ill look into it. mostly what im putting it on are canvas duffles/ backpacks a small cooler and a few road cases that way when they come off a truck or the bus i can find them easier next year or point to a design and tell local that anything with that design on it needs to be brought to me. i have yet to choose the design.

love the name by the way :)