Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By zombombie
Because I like to stay topical I thought posting this 7 months after I actually did it was wise... :roll:

I gave this to Mrs EZ-to-be as a Christmas card:


I took a piece of green card as the backing, and a piece of blue/silver card for the foreground. I thought the blue/silver would look good as it looked frosted and wintery.

I carved the pattern out of the blue/silver card, and moved some white and red card into the appropriate areas then stuck it all down :) I think it came out ok, a little raggedy, but it's difficult to carve paper!!

Thanks for looking :)
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By nosferatu
Bless! Very romantic and personal thing to do.

Great job and it beats a Hallmark anyday.

You should make mini ones for friends and family this year.

I agree cutting paper is hard. I use the patterns every year as my daughter's birthday is in October and I use them for Thank You cards. I find I go through blades rapidly and the smaller the cut, the more likely the paper is to snag.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
That's perfect use for these stencils, I'd love to see more people doing paper crafts like this. With different colors and textures of papers, the possibilities are endless.

It does take some practice to get clean lines. When I cut a pattern into paper like this, I usually use an x-acto knife with a fresh blade, and cut on a self-healing cutting mat. Is your technique similar?
I've a shedload of architectural paper (very heavy) ..any good for this sort of thing do you think?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
zombombie - your image disappeared. What happened, I want to see this again, now that it's getting to be the right time of year. :)